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A Word from the Owners: At Home in Hochatown

We are a Texas girl and Oklahoma boy who have found ourselves at home in Hochatown. Less than a four hour drive from each of our hometowns, the Broken Bow area became the perfect destination for our wedding in the summer of 2018 and has become our refuge for relaxation ever since.

As wedding guests converged from all directions, it created a diverse mix of backgrounds, age and interests. Over a weekend of shared activities, meals and celebration, we quickly found ourselves surrounded not only by the beauty of Beavers Bend State Park, but also by family. We wondered how we could make that experience last and if we could replicate it for others. From that hope, Infinity Pines was born.

We know Beavers Bend offers many beautiful cabin rental options - we’ve stayed in them! But Infinity Pines is different because for us, it’s personal. More than filling open reservations, our hope is to fill your stay in Broken Bow with an unprecedented quality of accommodation and time.

That is why we’ve updated our cabins to include all of the decor, amenities and features that we would look for in a stay, intentionally creating an environment that feels less like a rental and more like luxury.

We now have two five-bedroom cabins available - Infinity Views and Infinity Creekside - but we are not done yet! Our Infinity Pines development of one-bedroom, lofted cabins will be available for individual or collective rent in July 2021, bringing us one step closer to our goal of creating luxurious, lasting memories for groups of all sizes, backgrounds and interests.

So, when is your next Broken Bow vacation? Whether it’s for a family reunion, corporate retreat, couples getaway or you just need a break, we would love to fill your stay with lasting memories and luxury.

-Nate and Angie

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