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Hi, Welcome to Infinity Pines Village!


We would like to introduce our newest cabins that were just completed in late spring 2023. The four cabins are California Pine, Heartland Pine, Emerald Pine, and Milk & Honey Pine. Our goal was to create a community of cabins that could be rented individually by couples and small families OR by a larger group that wanted to all stay close to each other, but still have their own space.  Collectively, the four cabins are designed to sleep ~18  people.   We have the adjacent land and will consider building out additional cabins over time to accommodate larger and larger groups.  You can see the location and full vision HERE on this custom Google Map.  


We think having the option to all be together, but still have your own space could be a really attractive option - don't dig into why we personally think that's such a great idea! Because we DO TOO love our family! ;-)

If your party is bigger than this, Infinity Pines Properties has additional cabins nearby that collectively would accommodate almost 50 people.  Our Infinity Bliss Cabin (sleeps 8) is less than 1/4 mile from the "Village"  (See Directions Here) and our Infinity Views Cabin (sleeps 20) is a five minute drive from the Village (See Directions Here). 

Let us know well in advance if you would like to book multiple cabins so we can reserve them for you!



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